Insurance Defense

Gullo & Associates, LLC. is the law firm for insurance carriers seeking exceptional winning-defense strategies against first party no-fault PIP claims, EUOs, DJ Actions, and third party bodily injury claims and litigation throughout New York City, Long Island, Central New York, and Buffalo. G&A is unrelenting in its pursuit of records that lead to successful summary judgment motions, voluntary discontinuances, and nuisance value settlements. Please visit our website and interactive real-time case management system for our insurance defense clients at

Personal Injury

If you have been involved in any type of accident, please call us right away. Sooner is better.

An early evaluation and investigation of your accident or claim can make a significant difference in the outcome. Please call us right away. Most insurance companies have strict time frames for you to report your claim, usually within 30 days of the accident. Within the first 30-60 days, our investigation of the claim is critical as facts and circumstances are fresh soon after an incident. Our investigators are top notch and hard core helping us, your attoneys, gather the facts needed to support your claim.

Gullo & Associates, LLC handles serious personal injury matters. Being injured in an accident can be stressful, painful, and life altering. If your injury was caused by another's intentional, careless, or negligent acts, we can help. The first priority is your health. We will help ensure that you receive proper medical care. If you are entitled to money (monetary compensation), you are sure to receive what you deserve.

Auto Accidents
Construction Accidents
Construction Vehicle Accidents
Dog or other Animal Bites
Assault and Battery
Dram Shop Act claims (over serving in a bar)
Product Liability - Defective Product
Premises - slip and fall
Wrongful Death

Business Consultant

Owning a business is like being the captain of a ship at sea. The captain is responsible for not only the ship’s integrity and the well-being of the crew, but the captain must also navigate the seas. When a storm is encountered the captain must ensure the ship and crew come out safe on the other end. The captain does not do this alone. It is the help, support, and hard work of the crew that creates success. Any good captain knows this. One of the most enjoyable and rewarding aspects of my business is becoming part of crew to help other business owners build and navigate their ships.

Corporate Formation
Operating Agreements
Partnership Agreements
Lease Negotiations
Vendor Negotiations
Union Negotiations
Employment Contracts
Vendor Contracts
Strategic coordination with other professionals
Mediation between partners/members//owners
Dispute resolution
Business strategies

Generally, what is considered a Small Businesses in the United States makes up between 90% and 98% of all businesses. Odds are that if you own your own business or want to start a new one, it is statistically considered a small business. It is interesting that the label “small” is used when to most people who own their own business, it is not only big, but may sometimes seem too big to control. We can help.

Commercial Litigation

Despite our best efforts, we are sometimes required to commence or defend a litigation for our business clients. When mediation or dispute resolution hits a roadblock, litigation may be required. We are masters of preparation. We will commence or defend a litigation action navigating through the court system in pre-trial litigation. After all discovery is completed to our satisfaction, our expert trial attorneys are prepared to try the case before a Judge or Jury. We represent our business clients in litigation in a wide array of areas such as: breach of contract, liens, negligence, intentional torts, fraud, and collections.


Of all the areas of law, matrimonial law is arguable one of, if not the most, stressful on you - our client. We understand. We are not only attorneys practicing law, we are counselors who will provide you with counsel and advice. It is inevitable that we will become intimately involved in your life and will come to learn more about you than you may have known yourself. We cherish and respect that relationship.

We will lead you through the necessary steps to achieve your goals whether it be preparing a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement, drafting a separation agreement, filing an uncontested divorce, or proceeding with a contested divorce litigation. If and when time comes to go to trial, our trial attorneys are masters at preparation, including preparing you for your part. Rest assured they will be ready to go on trial day.

In all matrimonial matters, if there are children involved, they are always our first priority. You have likely heard the phrase “in the the best interests of the child.” We ask that you please make your children a priority. Our second priority is a speedy and cost effective resolution. We believe most matters can be resolved without resorting to costly litigation. If settlement is not an option, we are prepared to proceed with litigation. We want to let you know that when we litigate we do so with integrity, efficiency, and passion. We litigate to win.

Real Estate

We understand that when it come to Real Estate, efficiency, accuracy, and exceptional negotiating are of utmost importance. We have become a firm that prides itself on it “eye for detail.” Every minute and every dollar counts.

Real Estate Closings
Bank Closings
Contract Formation
Commercial Leases
Residential Leases
Deed Transfers
Partition Actions
Real Estate Litigation
Boundary Disputes
Insurance Disputes